Psycosomatic NATUROPATY

What is Naturopathy Psychosomatics ?

The term "naturopath" was coined in 1895 by American John Scheel, Physician in New York.
The credibility of the word "naturopath" meaning today is the walk "nature trail" to maintain or restore the state of well-being.
 Naturopathy is an profession afferent the  holistic world, suitable for preventive and therapeutic conservation of health, she, in fact, are surrounded by various natural methods and energy.
 Naturopathy is a holistic disciplines great cocktails, it is recognized by the WHO (World Health Organisation) is promoting the body's innate ability to feel good, naturally harmonize the functions of the body and normalize balances that have been modified because of poor lifestyle, poor diet, pollution, stress and the hectic pace.
 The basic principle of psychosomatic Naturopathy is very simple: the body has the power to heal himself vis naturae medicatrix. Naturopathy rate this "capacity" vital and helps the individual to preserve or restore in case of imbalances and dysfunctions, using, in an integrated way, disciplines and natural techniques.
 Among the natural remedies, as well as those derived from vegetable and mineral kingdoms, there are several holistic disciplines:
a. the Pranotherapy Vibrazionale®
 b. reflexology Vibrazionale®
c. Harmonic-Vibrazionale® Tibetan bells,
d. Crystal and. Bach flower remedies,
e. aromatherapy
f. chromotherapy
 g. reiki,
h.  yoga,    
 i. Meditation techniques
The real task of naturopath, in my opinion, is to first be placed in a mode of the difficulties of people who rely on us to LISTEN.
                         LISTEN WITH THE HEART
  Finding the most appropriate treatment in a  wide range of holistic  arts and restart the  medicatrix naturae screw, self-healing strength  hat every human being has. 
Application fields of Psychosomatic naturopathy  therapies through  psychosomatic consolidation  efforts, and in synergy with the  allopathic  medicine can promote the healing process.
Naturopathy is effective support for the following situations:
- In the stress-related problems in the broadest sense  (physical and mental tension, anxiety, nervousness, anxiety, 
mood and sleep disorders, etc.).
 - To overcome fatigue and lack of mental clarity, gain more  energy and desire to do
  - The nature of psychosomatic disorders
  - Gastrointestinal problems
  - To strengthen the defenses against the pitfalls of winter and, more generally, reduce susceptibility to infections
- To rebalance the immune system
- Any need for rehabilitation and food rebalancing through  programs based on specific personal characteristics
  - To loosen joints and relieve muscle tension
- To prevent  the main metabolic and hormonal imbalances
- In support of medical therapies  Naturopathy does not proceed according to the logic of  diagnosis and therapy
 - Typical and unique medicine
- But it is the task of rebalancing the psycho-physical-emotional system and a gentle, non-invasive way to boost  self-defense capabilities, self-regulation and self-healing inherent in all of us , helping the physiological mechanisms related to natural human resources.
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