Ethics and Deontology

Rules , behavioral norms , customs

In any professional environment , there are rules , rules of conduct , customs.
This happens in civil society, in all those groups of people trying to get along , where there are honest people , who pursue the objectives of work, of friendship , of civil and homogeneous spiritual union .
In the holistic field , he left normatively speaking , left to itself for several years , following the Law 4/2013 , has finally started , a legal route, which I hope will lead to an important regulatory followed , such as the establishment of Albi professional , consist of serious and competent Professionals .
The Naturopath , the Pranoterapeuta and the Operator of the Wellness are the type of care professions and education and provide information based on the reading psychosomatic , treat the body to find yourself the balance by stimulating the self-healing .
NO holistic practitioner may overlap with medical figures or second role robes , who is superimposed to the medical profession makes abuse.
It ' good to remember that The Naturopath , the Pranoterapeuta and the Operator of the Wellness :
NOT make diagnosis
NOT prescribe or administer drugs
NOT replace your doctor
For user protection were born of trade associations now regulated by the Law of 14 January 2013, 4 .
These associations serve as the control is to accredit adequate vocational training, and its updates, which to collect professional abuse.
The professionals who sign up voluntarily, for now, have to respect the vestments such as training and continuous updates ECP, adequate insurance coverage and compliance with the code of ethics.
Currently, the membership of these associations is voluntary but bound by a training on professional ethics, a specific training course documented and an examination before the special commission.
More protection for customers, more peace of mind for us as players we want to work best for people who come to us. We do not want to abuse of other professions but carry out our fairly and disciplined.
I myself active for many years in this industry, first as a therapist and then as a teacher, I follow courses to increase my knowledge, update materials, grow as a human being.
The behavioral honesty , I said , honesty towards themselves and behavioral honesty towards the customer , to the person who relies on me.
It ' important to know , to be in the right, that the Italian law prohibits certain terms , in use only to doctors and psychologist .
The use of this limitation of terms , is due to erroneous and dishonest behavior by scoundrels and unserious people .
In addition , at the behavioral level , if I can do nothing for people who rely on my work , it is right and proper to communicate it.
the Pranoterapeuta , the naturopathic doctor is a human being ,
well away from miracolismi and various witchcraft .
be born with the "gift " of Prana , it allows me to bring well-being to people , anyway because I work with my heart .
Guido Parente