Naturopath and Operator in Therapeutic Touch Mr. Guido Parente


 Psychosomatic Naturopath,
teacher / therapist  in Therapeutic Touch ,
teacher / therapist  to Massage Harmonic-Vibrational ® with Tibetan Singing Bowls,
teacher / therapist for the Master of Reflexology Foot ,
terapist of Craniosacral-Technical,
lecturer in courses  Meditation with Tibetan Singing Bowls 

cod PO17B0269LA
I was born in Rome in 1962, I've a degree in Political Sciences, specializing in Marketing and Communication
I’m also also Graduated Psychosomatic Naturopath  at the School of Natural Medicine Psychosomatics RIZA.  
I deal with several years of issues related to the well-being, I write articles about the Chiropractic, Holistic Medicine and Vibrationa , collaborating with numerous sites andHolistic centers in Italy and abroad , teach at schools of naturopathy, Society of Management Training .
I conduct seminars , courses and Master in Italy in order to teach  the use of the following treatments holistic - vibrational of which  are the creator and I deposited in SIAE and Chamber of Commerce:  

Course "Massage Vibrazionale® Armonico with the Bells Tibetan"

Master "Harmonious Vibrazionale® Massage with Tibetan bells in Water"

Course "Metamorphic Technique"

Course "Chakra and Essential Oils"

Course "Pranotherapy Vibrazionale®"

Course "Meditation and Bell Tibetana®"

Course Progress "in the key-Emozionale® Holistic Stress Management"

Course on "Constellations and Tibetan Bells" with Mrs Manuela GRECO

Techniques of wellbeing, relaxation, stress, useful for themselves, for Naturopaths, for operators of wellness, beauticians, masseurs, therapists , physiotherapists. 
Among the many work commitments holistic that I played,I was also Director of Organizational Training of pranotherapists according to the " Method Papadia® " ,and of course " Counseling Reprogramming of Bioenergetics and Pranotherapy Psychosomatics " . 
From childhood I felt the feeling of having in my hands " something ", then inexplicable, which could relieve pain in people . 
At age ten, in fact, when I laid my hands on my mother instinctively, suffering from severe back pain, she felt an intense feeling of warmth and it drew an immediate benefit that went over time . 
Later, after discovering in myself more potential in the "feel " the sufferings of the people and in being able to mitigate ... 
... I finally understood to possess a " gift " unique and great : the "gift " of  Pranotherapy.  
So, driven by the same people who at the time, treated instinctively and without any degree of professionalism,  proved beyond a clear benefit also a sense of relaxation and serenity, mixed with an energy charge and a proactive bursting, I initially attended some courses Reiki to continue, after another long routes, the school of Fufi Sonnino, crystal- like, to the school as Laughter Yoga Laughter Yoga leader, School Riza Psychosomatics, where I finished the course of Psychosomatic Naturopath .
I’ve deposited my method "Vibrational Pranotherapy®" in the Chamber of Commerce and I am the teacher.  
I built my journey with holistic courses Marketing Logistics and Operations, Communication courses, Web Marketing, Coaching, several courses to train the trainers, ETCC .  
I worked and work both in Italy and abroad, I spent long periods  in various European countries and not , I have ensured new knowledge, new ideas about lifestyles, new formae mentis, language learning and work staff. 
I worked and work as a teacher in several courses with both ECM , that Company, in which associations Holistic  and Alternative Schools throughout Italy .  
In 2013, I founded and I was President of the Academy of Sciences Pranotherapeutics, naturopathic and Harmony Vibrational - ASPNAV  to give more impetus and opportunity to convey to holistic practitioners have vibrational tools for working in the welfare of the people.   
Still are always looking for more " technical " in the field of holistic medicine and , because of that my desire for knowledge, I follow training courses in various fields related to my major and I continue to devise New therapies for the well being of body, mind and spirit. 
The Chiropractic-Pranotherapy is an ancient discipline, which is certainly no miracles, but I believe it can alleviate human suffering balancing the beneficial energy that is within each of us , restoring the initial state of well-being that each individual possesses, returning, both at emotional and psycho - physical, 
that primordial " breath of life" that we are all endowed . 
Here's what I'd like to achieve: I have a " gift " only inside me and I want to put it positively , at the service of those who need it !
                        Guido PARENTE





codice PO17B0269LA


Harmonic-Vibrational Massage® with Tibetan Singing Bowls

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    The Vibrational Pranotherapy®, as it is called today, is the ancient practice of the popular tradition of curing through the position of the hands, moreover, n

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  • Vibrational Pranotherapy®

    The Vibrational Pranotherapy®, as it is called today, is the ancient practice of the popular tradition of curing through the position of the hands, more

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