My first Book

Armonic-Vibrational Massage with Tibetan® Singing Bells

My first book, which will follow in another brevis, is a point of arrival  and at the same time a starting point;
 many people have recommended me for years to write down  my experiences and my methodologies, as well as the SIAE and
 the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE in a book ...
and here I am.
This book is a guide, to psychosomatic orientation, for those  wishing to learn how to use the
"Massage Armonic-Vibrational with Tibetane® Singing Bells " technical body mediation
The Bells Tibetan - Singing Bowls - originate from the Himalayan,  are ancient tools and at the same time much alive, which allow,
 with their vibrations do regain homeostasis in the human body,  subjected to various stresses stemming from the chaotic life everyday .
The human body, for traditional Chinese medicine, can be described  as a wonderful well-tuned musical instrument; by vibration and
 the harmonics resulting from the Tibetan Bells, we can find our  inner silence.
Recent studies on Cymatic led to the discovery of how the sound is able to influence matter.
By vibration and the sound of Tibetan bells can, in fact, alleviate  muscular and mental tensions, improve the interior life and the
 way of life, increase creativity, control and quell the inevitable stress that builds up in each of us.
The beneficial frequencies can reactivate vis medicatrix naturae,  and decrease progressively the various psychosomatic blocks,
 the result of various experiences of our past.
The author thanks to his long course of study in the various holistic  disciplines, such as Prana, Naturopathy, the Vibrational Medicine,
 Psychosomatics, bioenergetics, traditional Chinese medicine and  meditation, has created this new methodology vibration, useful 
for themselves and for Holistic Operators.
Guido Parente
Psychosomatic naturopath, Pranoterapeuta Vibrational,
professor of "Harmonious-Vibrational Massage with Tibetane® Bells",
crystal therapist
 my book, is distributed by Feltrinelli and Mondadori bookstores
 throughout Italy, 
will follow at the end of my next book ...
Publisher Aldenia