Feedback 2013

After suffering an accident in his left leg and he had reported

various micro fractures, suffering from years of severe

pain in his knee.

I met him at a dinner Guido Parente, who put me on sore

knee her "Magic Hands" and now ... I'm a fairy tale !!!

Thanks Guido

Stefania B. 26/08/2013 Santa Severa


Dear Guido,

I had no more pain in the shoulder and ... believe it or not!

The morning after "treatment pranotherapy vibrational" I slept until 7.30 ....

Whereas I always wake up at 6 .... and 'a big achievement !!!

Even the council to extend the sore part works like magic !!!!

Thank you and kisses

Elizabeth A. Santa Severa, 27 August 2013


What a feeling ... thanks ... a technique never tasted before,

the Prana and the surprise effect of Tibetan bells on his body ...

do not know that vibrations convey ... try it ...

and not just the calm with which he speaks Guido Parente,

but also his way of listening ... a therapy for all purposes ...

on next week ... and then the digital pressure ... would not

be enough for a whole day the pleasure you feel when you hear

your tension slowly lighten quell'incenso ... and then ... well ... there are no words.

Thanks again Guido

Leocadia A., Rome April 9, 2013

Feedback 2016

Guido Parente thank you .
I had a pain in his shoulder and arm that would not let me sleep , yesterday after your treatment at last I had a full night's sleep.
You are strong!
Betty S. Facebook January 9, 2016


Dear Guido ,
To you I say thank you
For the patience that you had ...
For knowing how to listen to me , my cry of anger , disappointment and despair ..
Thanks for making me smile back
Thank you because my smile , does ' good to me and those around me
Daniela B. , Rome February 29, 2016


Feedback 2015

Dear Master Parente,
I'm happy to meet you .....
It was written somewhere .....
my perceptions thanks to you, we are becoming stronger ....
thanks for having shown the way forward ..

Patrizia P. Facebook December 12, 2015


Dear Dr. Parente, thank you very much for your honesty.

A few years ago I wrote an email to a doctor Northern Italy who had made advertising

on the internet: I explained everything and then followed a telephone conversation.

"Come on, we can do something ..." I did almost one thousand kilometers there and

back, and then, once in his office in Trento, said he had misunderstood and that my case ..
He signed me some medicine that then my doctor told me not to take but he took,

of course, the € 150 of the visit lasted less than fifteen minutes ...
Yet he must have known perfectly well that he could help me: question of style ...
Pranotherapy is a cure so-called alternative from the variable results according to the pathology.
If you had told me "try" I should not hesitate a moment.

So thank you again for your honesty, what increasingly rare in this world.

Sincerely Louis

my answer to a question
Dear Louis,

well now the picture is more complete.
I fear I can do little for her dear Louis.
pranotherapy comes up at some point, you can give a boost to the immune system,

restoring some situations,
but the clinical picture, it seems very complicated.
I'm sorry I can not be of help ...
a warm greeting
Guido Parente

Louis C. Perugia, November 25, 2015



from a post on treatments for Stiff neck ...

Dear Guido,

I much preferred your treatments!

A great discovery pranotherapy and Tibetan Bells ...

Yesterday I had a sharp pain in the neck ...

Today I'm really much better !!!

Thanks also for the simple exercises that you told me to do ...

They are helping me a lot!

The next session !!

Alessandra P. Facebook October 22, 2015


Dear Guido,
at 4 days after treatment of Prana and Harmonic Vibrational Massage

with Tibetan bells,
sleep quality has improved a lot, I need less sleep to feel rested,

I feel much more relaxed and relaxed than usual, but above all I came

back the urge to try some type of emotions that in the last two years

I almost banned from trying.
It is as if he had unlocked something that not even know it was locked.
Thanks for your work with your Guido dear heart! "
Massimiliano M Rome August 28, 2015


I would like to publicly thank Guido Parente, with his professionalism and

his humanity, directly (by phone)
and indirectly (with his post), it has given me so much "positive energy"

to deal with a situation rather inconvenient.
Maria C., Facebook 03 / VIII / 2015


Dear Guido ,

I want to thank you , thanks to your work, you have unlocked a part of me .

You made me fall in communication with my deep emotions , that because

of other experiences ,
are both beautiful and painful , are a godsend .

With you I came to feel free and in harmony with myself .

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Francesca F. Roma 07/20/2015


Tibetan bells .... I never thought that the body could vibrate enough

to feel suspended in a clear sky ... and nonostate the rain !

Thank you, Guido of this emotion !

Patrizia C. Roma , Istituto Don Guanella 06/14/2015


Hello Guido,

I'm writing to thank you because since I tried singing bowls,

unique and indescribable experience which must be lived to be

able to understand, I'm much better with my usual cervical problems.

Your advice on postural behavior, bioenergetic brought me comfort.

Already the same afternoon that are output from your studio I tried

a benefit immediately.

Will charm?

I do I do not know.

All I know is that my face is more relaxed, they have noticed

her friends who see me often, wondering what I had done,

if it was a change trick or another.

In short, positive and liberating experience.

Thanks Guido.

Francesca M. Roma, 21/05/2015

Good morning,

I saw you with wonder and certainly with pleasure a

moment ago to the television while you explained the

role and the effects of Tibetan bells.
I remember that in the past were one of your strengths,

and your passion.

I congratulate on its achievement and let you my sincere

wishes for a profession, this yes, full of satisfaction.

Joseph Z. Linkedin 21/03/2015


Hello Guido , after having personally tried your natural

gift as a therapist , I can say that you are very clever and incisive .
I hope soon an upcoming meeting to explore your art .
Greetings Marco .

Marco F. , Reflexologist at the Ospedale Maggiore

Policlinico of Milan , 01/02/2015


Dear Guido , thank you again for introducing me to

a world that has always fascinated me ,

the world of Pranotherapy Vibrational

but especially for conveying to me security and

the right charge .

A big hug

Patrizia P. Spoleto 01/22/2015

Feedback 2014

It 'was a lucky coincidence that my knowing Dr. Guido Parente,

I was on the internet, desperate for alternative care, as with

conventional medicine unfortunately, I could not find a remedy

for my health problems: joint pain and lumbosacral due to hernias,

inflammation of the spine and the sciatic nerve, so absolute

restriction of movement to address the everyday.
In addition, dependence on massive doses of drugs prescribed

inappropriately by a "luminary" unscrupulous psychiatrist ...
And now, thanks to dear Dr. Guido, who, with his gift of nature

and its great preparation and competence, after only three sessions

of pranotherapy vibrational, putting on my body, her expert hands

and singing bowls that manipulated with targeted actions ...

I returned to live, I got rid of the pain, the drugs have already

reduced to 90% and I feel better and better every day.
Dear Dr. Guido I should be grateful for life because in addition to

give me health, during the sessions did try me wonderful

sensations procured by Tibetan bells, eyes closed I had

wonderful visions, I saw beautiful shapes and colors as in

dreams, but awake ...
I also had the opportunity to meet a great guy, friendly,

funny and absolutely enjoyable which you dear Dr. Guido ...

Thank you so much !!!
I will definitely be back to get you.

Anna d.L Bari 01 / XII / 2014


Dear Guido,

thank you. You're a great man, and this is generoso..non by all.

Although we are virtual friends respect you infinitely

Antoinette B. Facebook November 27, 2014


Thanks to my friend Guido Parente my neck pain

are passing, has literally "given" a new vibration of Romina

Because they all deserve to be happy, but you have to start

by loving ourselves more, wanting the best x us, understand

what it is and never settle !!

Are you someone who has a lot to ease the people.

You're very quiet, with a depth of analysis and surprising results.

Romina D.R.P. Facebook 11 / X / 2014


Finally today, and after days and days of suffering,

and nervousness due to a car accident, I went to my friend

Guido Parente, Naturopath, Pranoterapeuta vibrational,

vibrational medicine operator with Tibetan bells.

I entered that limping in pain ... angry ... etc .... etc .....

I came out not limping ... relaxed serene, with reactivated energy ...

Thank you thank Guido Parente ........

With heart to my friends say if you want some more explanation

do not hesitate to call me or look on its website (

My mother saw me in and then get out, she normally skeptical,

he said "but you have a 'flip side."

And it is true thanks again to him

Now I feel light and not contracted

I'm not advertising because it is a friend, I'm trying to

introduce something that was unknown to me, that makes

wonderfull..without medicines.


Hello Guido , I wanted to thank you for your post .

Touch the soul .

Do you speak a language that I know very

well and it is rare nowadays to find people like you .

Paola M. Facebook 02/09/2014


In a moment a bit 'special of my life have

been virtually " dragged " by Guido Parente

A dear friend had promised me that I would

get a great benefit after a meeting with him .

I have to be honest ... I never thought in my

life to go for a massage with singing bowls !

I?!? Energy? Vibrations ? But we speak ??

Instead on a summer afternoon I was given

this opportunity and I did well .

The uniqueness of the Tibetan bells and Guido

capacity , have made ​​my very special experience ,

very relaxing and deep .


At least once , I recommend it to everyone!

Francesca Z. , Rome July 2, 2014

Anna S. Facebook 10/09/2014


Yesterday I tried a new thing for me .....

treatment of Pranotherapy with Tibetan bells,

(I did not know what they were), well thank

you for having found my path a great person Guido Parente .....

a great experience that put me in touch with my inner self,

I felt the emotions never felt that repeat, I found something

that will help me to pull out my fears and talking to myself

.... I would recommend it to all of you....

if you have a deep need to know you, and make peace

with yourself, thanks again Guido ...

Anna S. Fb June 20, 2014


Thanks Guido caresses the soul that always

manage to donate

Manuela P. Fb 9 / VI / 2014


It's always nice to read you. Interventions

that are good for the soul.

Lorenzo M. Fb 9 / VI / 2014


Guido are an extraordinary person.

Tina P. Fb 9 / I / 2014


I strongly believe that nothing happens by chance.

I was reading a book, and the word Prana

(which incidentally I had already met, either on texts

like "Hands of Light" by Anne Brennan, whether in

discussions with other curious people) this time it is

turned in, mobilizing my fingers on the keys computer

keyboard connected to the Internet.

How many windows are open, all together!

I breathed deeply, and I focused on who, among others,

could do to "chance" My.

Guido's face Parente suffered told me "it's me!".

In fact when I met him in person in a bright seventh floor,

his eyes, similar to radar energy, they gave me confirmation

that I was not at all wrong, indeed.


This is the quality that I would write about Guido.

He respected my every step, from the armored with

which I entered in its environment than pleasantly

shocked with which I came out.

He breathed with me, drove with kindness of other times

my hesitation, making them dance expertly with the vibrations

of Tibetan singing bowls.

He has shaped with sincere love the skins of my soul, giving it color

and reminding the sweet taste of lightness.

Guido Parente has a gift and share it: his hands are only the ends

from which radiates the light that everything around him, permeating it.

Stay in contact with him is to remember and recognize themselves, it means accept.

And that can change your life.

Thank you, Guido Parente.

Francesca A. Facebook April 11, 2014



heartily recommend this wellness Master.

In my experience I have tried several holistic

methods of treatment , but that 's really amazing .

Dora D.S. Facebook April 5, 2014


I say only one thing ... do not know you ,

we never feel in the chat,

but also through your links transmit me so

much strength and serenity ' then

Thanks to exist :) !

Ketty F. Facebook 29 / III / 2014


Dear Guido

I wanted to thank you for your presence in my LIFE ..

're exceptional and incomparable in what you do!

In placing a hand to every day people also sometimes far apart!

Like me.

Yet it seems to meet you for a lifetime ...

and how your last name is confirmed, you are a relative of all

... and everyone would like to have relatives like you !!

Strong at the same time humble sweet .. but also direct ...

I have a great respect for you ..

I wish you the best this wonderful life we ​​make available.

I could never finish to thank you for having been close when

I was afraid we can not do ..

see you soon, a hug!


Sharon G. Lamezia Terme 10/02/2014

Dear Guido,


hopelessness, guilt, emptiness, anxiety, confusion, and a

thousand because ...

Then, one morning, we feel, we talk it's like you, with

your words, with your voice calm and with the right irony,

you were able to move the boulder

I was on top of me and kept me from walking, to go further.

That rock, I thought, and I lived like an insurmountable mountain,

there's more.

You were able to help me find, or not find, trust in me,

and I had to live and not be content to survive.

A breath of fresh air that blew away the dust accumulated over time.

And now I know I can do it.

Will to live, to take care of me, love me.

Your embrace I heard it, I feel it and it's like being at home.

A caress to the heart, the soul.

Good day and thank Guido

Rossana F., Rome January 31, 2014




my name is Catia and I'm studying naturopathy

for about a year .

interesting journey and I must say everything was accelerating,

until something happened in my life .

I do not know how to describe it . It ' was something that

I did not know , chilling .

A shock .

The days alternated with nights and I seemed to be teetering

between all that I had always been , my way of dealing with things ,

closing and that
that was locked inside of me to discover.

I knew I did not make ' I made ​​alone , because this time

it was not like all the other times .

As if I had lost the center of myself and I had given everything

to someone and he really needed , but first and foremost forgetting ,

of myself .

I met Guido by chance , reading it , here and there and do not even

remember what was the initial connection ,

just ... I think our inside and never
unreal and what sometimes emerges between the lines makes us

guess in a form of empathy the people we meet on our way.

It was an SOS, which raised immediately.

From 'then I felt calm, gentleness and patience of the listener

and it is "true" over the phone barrier.

I came from him like a piece of marble, had frozen hands for days,

I struggled to breathe and I felt like the fat map many years
first, the one that just one drop of water in a while and I did not

dare to ask anything to me.

I could not speak, or cry.

Guido has an exceptional empathy, a way of being with people

who "feels" right away.

Modesto, cute, sweet but also very determined, absent from reviews

... but practical.

Why do not you can hurt yourself defeating their personalities for

the sake of someone else. L 'love is a circle, where there is no give

and take, I knew all these things, but I had lost sight of.

I felt as if I had breathed my last breath of life while I was still alive.

All my fighting spirit, my smile, my desire to do ... they seemed

blown away in some abstract world and sterile feeling.

His eyes frank, direct gaze, his understanding beyond words ...

the breathing exercises to "throw out" the invisible poison ...

sound and "vibration" of Tibetan bells, in an atmosphere where

I seemed to be warm, at home, and I could feel the 'love of God for me
unconditionally, as he gave me the 'opportunity to still be here.

......... I smiled as I felt the vibration of a world we already know,

it was like being suspended in a corner of paradise.

I felt the heat of that 'energy that you reconnect to yourself,

Soul, Mind and Body.

We are "alive" and we have the 'opportunity to live this life and

free to choose.

I heard the "contact" of a 'special soul, true ... it is an exchange

of experiences on par, where the incredible "gift" which is drawn from the
modesty, I smile often that evening and I remembered who I am.

I remembered to be beautiful as they are and slowly I pulled on my

hunched shoulders, I began to breathe and do the exercises at home

and donated to me that pneuma ... that "breath of life" that the street had lost .

Thanks tvb, Catia.

Catia L. Rome January 27, 2014



Hello Guido!
I wish sussurartelo my thanks for your thoughts

you share with us;

your thoughts, the images you choose always give

me a smile and help me to make peace with me .... thank you

Rossana F. (Facebook) 16/01/2014


Hello Guido!

A train ... too fast ... it will bring again tomorrow morning in Milan.

Inside me harbored a thousand different emotions with

each other and, in their contradictory remind me that I am

VIVA because I feel real feelings !!

Choosing to live authentically doing sensitivity a garden to grow

every day even when thorns and weeds are difficult to eradicate,

it is for me a challenge that I welcome every day sometimes with

fatigue and sadness.

I will take with me your light!

that you gave me when we met in Rome at your studio and

continues to do through your publications on FB.

Rome I miss! as well as Milan! I have both and both at times torn

between my soul!

I welcome the will of the universe for me! I pray to God because

I know more and be the REAL realization of what they are in this life

The beauty is more! and it resides in love and simplicity!

Maybe one day I will return to Rome ...
You dear friend greeting.

A hug

Valentina, Rome January 2, 2014