identity theft


The criminal of Andrea Fabio or Angelo Fabio 

or whatever he calls himself,

stole some photographs from me for the second time,

which he uses to defraud women on various national and international
social networks,

such as Facebook, Istagram, Linkedin, Meetic and Scout24. The bastard was denounced by me, both to the Carabinieri
and to the Postal Police. Be careful! Guido Parente

"Hi, im sorry to disturb I wanted to ask if the following profile on Facebook is you?

Will send an image.

I believe this is being used fraudulently.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Thank you so so much. Its absolutely disgraceful that this happens.

Thank you for replying.


We are liaising with the police as he has caused a huge amount of trouble for the family.


identity theft 2018

On March 13, 2018, on the recommendation of a German lady, I was able to verify against my will
that I was the subject of IDENTITY THEFT. I proceeded to report and report everything to the Carabinieri. I also point out that my photographs have been used to lure women all over Europe, there are traces on Meetic,
FriendScout24 and probably on other dating sites and chats.

Guido Parente

"Dear Mr. Parento, I found it through the google image search I write from Germany.

I wanted to inform her that an Internet fraudster and marriage swindler, or an entire organization, uses her photos and pretends to be Fabio Angelo in dating portals to meet women there.

He also has an website:, there is also your picture set.

On the website, they allegedly own a company with oil pipelines

He cheated on a German woman for 50.000 Euros only last month.

The contact is only via the internet, mail and whats app.

Also he has about whats app about 30 pictures sent by you.

It never comes to a personal meeting, he also manages to get the money of the women with 1000 love tears.

I too fell for their beautiful pictures but did not send any money.


best regards Edith *****